Agony (ىگۆني in Demonic) is the wife of Torn. One of the agents of Hell, she traveled to Earth to bring him back to their planet to be tried for treason.


Nothing is known of her past, other than she married Torn more than 60 years ago, when she gave birth to Laceration. They later had another daughter, Lesion.


Agony's powers stem from her alien Demon physiology and her connection to the Blood, an energy field that connects all living creaturs.

Superhuman strenght, durability and reflexes: Agony is far stronger than any human.

Redundant organs and healing factor: Demons are exceptionally hard to kill with conventional means, thanks to redundancies to vital organs and fast healing times

Resistance to mind attacks: Demon minds are different enough from human minds to make telepathic attacks more difficult

Energy constructs: By accessing the Blood, Agony can generate at will solid constructs.

Portal generation: Through her "Stairwell to Hell" tecnique, Agony can cut a portal directly through the Blood. The destination can only be Hell or a place with a Blood user, but the distance can reach other galaxies.

Increased lifespan: Demons age approximately four times more slowly than humans. Agony looks like a woman in her mid-thirties.

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