Robert "Bob" Null is the father of Noriko Null.


Grandson of Nazi scientist Heinrich Null, Bob inherited the Heart Of The Universe discovered by his German ancestor without knowing its history or power. When Bob was 16 years old,  Leiko Tanaka track him down to recover the device, the two had sex resulting in the conception of Noriko Null.

Bob raised his daughter alone, working as a high school janitor in New York City and having a great number of short-lived relationships. After Noriko turned 18 and was given her powers by Athena, Bob moved to Null Tower to support her.

When Noriko disappeared for weeks on Myridia, Bob delivered the Heart Of The Universe to the United States government to prevent Leiko from getting her hands on it. He convinced Noriko to have her prom night, despite her lack of interest.

After Noriko hired doctor Catherine Kalama as her personal physician, Bob developed feelings for her and the two started a relationship. Years later, she gave birth to his second daughter, Nalani Null.


Bob is a human with no powers.


  • There is no physical description of him in any issue. Look it up.

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