Elytra Elater was a Lampyrian space pirate, leader of the Hunters and later Oracle of Hephaestus.


Elytra was the captain of the Hunters space pirates in the Artemis sector. Heir to a powerful Lampyrian family and owner of the Ghost Maker, she allied herself with Talas Khanos in the hope to use his scientific knowledge to expand the lifespan of her species.

When the plan failed, she allied herself with Hephaestus and was transformed by the god into a cyborg.

She fought on the Vulcan Forge, first as an enemy of the Vanguard and then as their ally.

While she wasn't able to triumph against Haphaestus and died during the fight, Noriko Null was later able to use the research of Talas Khanos to provide a genetic cure to extend the Lampyrian lifespan from 2 to 10 years.


Fast learning: like all Lampyrians, Elytra can absorb and retain information far more efficiently than a human

Limited flight: Elytra is able to fly thanks to her wings and her hollow bones

Resistance to cold: Lampyrians can survive lower temperatures than humans

Ghost Maker: a Drylon device capable of making the user intangible. Elytra could materialize parts of her body at a time, even inside an enemy's body; the device also allowed her to survive extreme environments, including the surface of a neutron star

Cybernetic body: After becoming an Oracle to Hephaestus, Elytra's body was enhanced with cybernetic implants that increased her strenght, speed and durability. She also had talons made of Neutral Matter, capable ot cutting through anything.


Limited lifespan: Lampyrians age extremely fast and rarely live longer than 2 years

Limited strenght: Lampyrians have lower muscular mass and lighter bones than humans, making them physically weaker


  • Elytra was the first Lampyrian shown in the series and the first adversary to use a Drylon device

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