Ganos Lal (Γανοσ Λαλ in Myridian), called Ganosh Lal in the books, is the Supreme Pontiff of the Church of Null.


Ganos Lal was a citizen of Myridia who witnessed the fight between Noriko Null and Demeter.

Convincing herself that Noriko was a true goddess, she founded the Church of Null and pushed for the creation of a religious state to replace the Demeter regime. Noriko was not able to convince her that she is only a mortal, however she was able to somewhat limit her influence over the civilian government.

Lal's duplicates and her congregation have rapidly expanded the reach of the Church of Null; while still a very small minority, there are now several churches in many worlds of the Mortal Republic and beyond.


Myridian physiology:Lal's strenght, durability, stamina and reflexes are about three times those of a woman of her age.

Body duplication: Lal can create exact duplicates of her body with almost no mental effort. Each duplicate is a perfect copy of her body at the moment of the duplication; it will then be completely separate and independent from her. If hit with sufficient force to damage them, the duplicates disintegrate.

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