Gods are the most ancient and powerful species in the modern universe, while having the fewest individuals.


Primordial gods

Sumerian Gods

Egyptian Gods

Greek Gods

Physical appereance

Gods can take a wide variety of forms, with several capable of shapeshifting. They can range from being identical to humans (like Vesta), with unusual colors for hair (like Demeter) or skin (like Inanna), to planet-sized dragons (like Tiamat).


All gods have mind-over-matter powers, which can manifest themselves in very different ways but follow similar guidelines.

Immortality: the defining aspect of gods. They mature very slowly (the youngest known, Tyche, is considered a teenager at 7,000 years old) and completely stop aging.Even in case of extreme injury, gods are able to put themselves together in top physical shape much faster than a mortal. Gods are considered to be able to die only at the hands of other gods or by a Drylon weapon.

Flight: gods can lift their own bodues telekinetically. Some are able to move millions of times faster than light.

Invulnerability: By placing a mental lock on his/her molecular structure, a god can prevent his/her body from being harmed. This has a wide range of invulnerability: some gods are able to survive the destruction of a planet, a star or even a galaxy.

Godlike strength: gods are as strong as they think they are. Some are able to move astronomically large objects.

Godlike stamina: gods don’t need to eat, drink or sleep, though some do so for pleasure.

Energy projection: while not all gods are able to do so, it can be the most destructive use of their power. This can range from Vesta's control over fire, to Persephone's radioactive energy (which can vaporize a continent), to Tiamat's ability to destroy an entire galaxy.

Mind over matter: most gods can move objects with their minds. Others have demonstrated matter manipulation, transmutation and teleportation.

Shapeshifting: gods can alter their appereance at will, from minor cosmetic changes (like Vesta) to changing into a completely different form (like Athena or Hera)

Universal translator: gods can understand any language instantly (except Demonic and Grey Speech). People around them will have the same ability, but it will fade over time without prolonged contact.


Most gods are associated to a pantheon, a loosely related group of individuals (typically part of the same extended family). Some, like Selene and Nyx, prefer a solitary existence with rare interaction with other gods.

Generally speaking, gods live in a feudal hierarchy, following one of the Nine Gods. They were once ruled by Kronos as Emperor Of The Universe.

Religion and philosophy

Gods consider themselves to be the highest power, giving very little consideration for the lives of mortals unless it's for their own personal glory. Gods that value mortal life, like Vesta or Athena, are considered an exception.