Hell (حېلل in Demonic) is a planet in the Middle Galaxy, the birthplace of the Demon race.

Inhospitable to most mortals due to the high surface temperature and significant volcanic activity (Beyond The Impossible #150), Hell is officially neutral to all extraplanetary affairs. Unofficially, Hell has carried out undercover missions to undermine divine rule, instigating fights between rival gods whenever possible. (Beyond The Impossible #154)

First appereance: Beyond The Impossible #150

Capital City: Pandemonium

Population: 295 million (295,408,296 in Beyond The Impossible 152). The population is strictly under control, with births of new Demons ordered by the state for every death. Unexpected births are almost unheard of (Beyond The Impossible #152)

Affiliation: Independent self-governed world

Form of government: Constitutional monarchy. The Lord Of All Demons is democratically elected by the every Demon old enough to kill (Beyond The Impossible #205)

Known facts: Hell is about the size of Earth's moon but has about 1.5 times times Earth's surface gravity. Most of the population lives in underground caves. (Beyond The Impossible #152)

SPOILER WARNING: Plot details after Beyond The Impossible #159

Created about 1 billion years ago by Marduk by using the bodies of dragons created by Tiamat (Beyond The Impossible #159), the entire planet is typically covered by a cloud of fire. Due to its origin, Hell has a close connection to the Blood, a universe-wide energy field that connects all living beings.