Inanna (/ɪˈnɑːnə/ IPA) is the Sumerian Goddes of Sex and Violence, supreme ruler of the Uruk Galaxy and member of the Nine Gods.


Little is known about Inanna. She has a personal connection with Hell, having had relationships with multiple Demons.

Inanna is at least 4 billion years old, becoming the first winner and the eventual host of the "Strongest Under The Heavens" contest.

One hundred years ago, she was the lover of the Demon called Reaper, helping him forge the weapon that he would call the Soul Reaper. After his death, she was also the lover of his daughter Pain, his son Torn, and Torn's wife Agony.

SPOILER WARNING: Plot details after Beyond The Impossible #200-202

She attended an assembly of the Nine Gods at the Throne Of The Universe to judge Noriko Null's actions, being more sympathetic to her cause than most of the other gods. At the end of the assembly, she effortlessly killed Oblivion, the Lord Of All Demons, for interrupting her.


As one of the Nine Gods, Inanna is one of the most powerful gods in the entire Universe, reaching or perhaps surpassing the power of a Primordial God.

Immortality: Inanna does not age; she has kept her current apparent age for billions of years.

Invulnerability: By placing a mental lock on her molecular structure, Inanna can prevent his body from being harmed.

Telekinesis: Inanna can move objects with her mind.

Godlike strength: Inanna is as strong as she thinks she is. She is considered one of the strongest gods in the universe.

Godlike stamina: Inanna doesn’t need to eat, drink or sleep.

Universal translator: Inanna can understand any language instantly.

Teleportation: Inanna can teleport across galactic distances, reaching the Throne Of The Universe from the Uruk Galaxy despite the millions of light-years of distance.


  • She is the mirror image of her sister Ereshkigal: white skin with black hair instead of black skin with white hair

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