Kristen Lynn is a journalist for the Washington Insider, former girlfriend of Todd Slate and romantic interest of Max Black.


Kristen was in a realtionship with Todd Slate when he was living in Washington D.C, before he met Noriko Null.

A skilled journalist who would do anything for a story, he discovered the secret identity of Quantum and use the information as blackmail to get an interview with Noriko. She was present during the Guild invasion of Earth and later started an on-again, off-again relationship with Max Black.

Highly critical of Noriko's work and suspicious of her motives, she changed her mind after visiting Myridia and attending the wedding of Kari Zel.

Disillusioned about her work as a journalist, she returned to Earth with the intention to help Todd Slate in his campaign for Senator of New York.


Krysten is a human with no powers.

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