Lampyrians are an all-female humanoids descending from the union between Harpies and Zeus, with an extremely short lifespan.

Physical appereance

Lampyrians superficially resemble human females with blue skin; they lack a nose (it's unknown if they have a sense of smell) and have large bat-like wings coming out of their backs. The wings are functional and the Lampyrians are capable of flight, also thanks to their light bones.

All Lampyrians are very similar to each other and it can be hard for a non-Lampyrian to distinguish two individuals. They are universally considered very physically attractive by humans. Nitrous oxide, also called laughing gas, is extremely toxic to Lampyrians.

Lampyrians can use Drylon devices and are among the very few that can do so without negative effects, since their lifespan results in their death before they can feel the damage to their minds.

Reproductive cycle and lifespan

Technically, all Lampyrian are clones: an adult female gives birth to an exact replica of herself in a process called gynogenesis or pseudogamy. The egg develops into an embryo without any inheritance of genetic material from anyone but the mother.

The most notable characteristic of Lampyrians is their short lifespan. A Lampyrian reaches adulthood within one month of her birth and will keep her youth until she's close to her death. Lampyrians living longer than two years are considered extremely rare.

A medical treatment was created by Noriko Null and Hermes to extend the lifespan of a Lampyrian to 10 years; the cure was widely distributed across the Olympian Galaxy.


Due to their very short lifespan and persecution from humans, Lampyrians don't have a distinctive society and typically live with humans.

They can learn much faster than any other known species, but because of their limited lifespan and their fragility when compared to humans they are mostly employed as prostitutes, especially in the Aphrodite sectors. Some Lampyrian families have extensive political powers, like the Elater family in the Artemis sector.

Because they are often beneath suspect, the Mortal Liberation Front frequently used Lampyrians as spies. Alexer Syzar also founded an all-Lampyrian terrorist group known as the Blue Rose.


Lampyrians typically worship the god owning the planet they're living on. A large number of Lampyrians worship Aphrodite as their benefactor, since her sectors are some of the few places where there is no persecution against them.


Lampyrian names are rather similar (adding to the difficulty in telling them apart) and seem to follow a similar pattern. Known names include Elytra, Lysia, Lyrhea, Etyra and Elyla.

Elater is the only known Lampyrian last name, used by Elytra. It's unknown if other Lampyrians use last names, or if Elytra was an exception due to the high status of her family.