Lysia is a Lampyrian working for the Mortal Liberation Front.


Lysia was working undercover as a prostitute in Kythera while the planet was under occupation by the forces of Hephaestus. She helped the Vanguard recover the Master Portal and was later a key member of the Alliance.

Because of her Lampyrian physiology, she soon died of old age.


Fast learning: like all Lampyrians, Lysia can absorb and retain information far more efficiently than a human

Limited flight: Lysia is able to fly thanks to her wings and her hollow bones

Resistance to cold: Lampyrians can survive lower temperatures than humans

Infinity Key: Lysia had a device of unknown origin (possibly made by the Egyptian gods) on her arm, recognizable by a glowing yellow ankh. The Infinity Key allowed Lysia to sense, activate and control some Drylon devices.

Master Portal: a Drylon device capable of interstellar teleportation, Lysia was able to use it to transport herself and others across the Olympian Galaxy.


Limited lifespan: Lampyrians age extremely fast and rarely live longer than 2 years

Limited strenght: Lampyrians have lower muscular mass and lighter bones than humans, making them physically weaker


  • Lysia is the first character in the series to die a natural death

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