Marduk (/ˈmɑr dʊk/ IPA) is the Sumerian God of the City, supreme ruler of the Babylon Galaxy and of the Sumerian pantheon.


Marduk is part of the younger generation of Sumerian gods that rebelled against Apsu and Tiamat. After the first was killed with a Drylon weapon, Marduk used the Time Mover to trap Tiamat on the Dragon Tomb and assumed command of the Sumerian pantheon.

Marduk attended an assembly of the Nine Gods at the Throne Of The Universe to judge Noriko Null's actions.


As one of the Nine Gods, Marduk is one of the most powerful gods in the entire Universe, reaching or perhaps surpassing the power of a Primordial God.

Immortality: Marduk does not age; he has kept his current apparent age for billions of years.

Invulnerability: By placing a mental lock on his molecular structure, Marduk can prevent his body from being harmed.

Telekinesis: Marduk can move objects with his mind.

Godlike strength: Marduk is as strong as he thinks he is. He is considered one of the strongest gods in the universe.

Godlike stamina: Marduk doesn’t need to eat, drink or sleep.

Universal translator: Marduk can understand any language instantly.

Matter manipulation: Marduk has been shown to be able to create an entire planet from scratch.

Teleportation: Marduk can teleport across galactic distances, reaching the Olympian Galaxy from the Babylon Galaxy despite the millions of light-years of distance.


  • He is the first Sumerian god shown in the series
  • He is responsible for the creation of the Demon race from Tiamat's energy

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