The Mortal Liberation Front (sometimes abbreviated as MLF) was a terrorist organization founded by Ulysses to overthrow divine rule in the Olympian Galaxy.

The organization is known to have received anonymous founding and technology from Athena and Hermes.

They were a key member of the Alliance, unofficially disbanded to be integrated into the Mortal Republic.


The exact number of members and extension of its network is unknown, since the MLF was structured with isolated cells to minimize the risk of exposing the entire organization.

  • Ulysses: founder and sometimes leader. Presumed dead by most of the organization for the vast majority of its existence
  • Lysia: a Lampyrian controlling the Master Portal, a Drylon teleportation device
  • Zenon: representative of the MLF during the creation of the Mortal Republic
  • Leiko Tanaka: recruited when she was 16 years old.