Thespia, mostly known as Naiad, was a member of the Inner Circle of the Guild.


Thespia was a demigoddess, daughter of the minor river god Asopos and an unknown mortal woman.

Nothing is known about her before she joined the Guild taking the name Naiad, however the Winter King noted that the Scribe used his technology to "unlock her divine heritage".[1]

A loyal follower of the Scribe, she was a key operative of the Guild during the Guild invasions of Myridia and Earth.

SPOILER WARNING: Plot details after Beyond The Impossible #194

She was killed by Noriko Null when she activated the Heart Of The Universe.


Immortality: Naiad does not age; she has kept her current apparent age for thousands of years

Flight: Naiad can lift her body telekinetically

Water manipulation: Naiad has complete control over water. She can move vast quantities of it and manipulate its flow, speed and pressure. With her most devastating attack (which she calls Heavy Water Bullet Storm) she compresses a large mass into high pressure drops that she can propel at high speed to create impacts powerful enough to leave craters.

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