Nike (/ˈnaɪki/ IPA, in Olympian) is the Greek Goddes of Victory and Athena's personal assistant.


Nothing is known about the past of the winged goddess. She is a loyal assistant to her cousin Athena, both in battle and in her administrative duties.


Immortality: Nike does not age; she has kept her current apparent age for thousands of years.

Flight: Nike can lift her own body telekinetically. It's unknown if she can travel faster than light.

Invulnerability: By placing a mental lock on her molecular structure, Nike can prevent her body from being harmed.

Godlike strength: Nike is as strong as she thinks she is.

Godlike stamina: Nike doesn’t need to eat, drink or sleep.

Universal translator: Nike can understand any language instantly. People around her will have the same ability, but it will fade over time without prolonged contact.


  • She's Athena's right-hand goddess. She has yet to show any personal traits.

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