Located in New York City, Null Tower is the headquarters of Null Technologies, the residence of Noriko Null and the main base of operations of the Vanguard. There have been two buildings sharing the same name.

First Null Tower

Originally called Two East River Place, purchased by Noriko Null and heavily modified. Its design included a large Ø symbol on top and was entirely powered by Plasma reactors. Protected by Nullbots and supervised by I.R.I.S.

Presumed lost when Abyss moved it to the Null Zone.

First appereance: Beyond The Impossible #12

Second Null Tower

Rebuilt in a different location. Its design is radically different: two cubes stacked upon each other, with a Ø symbol on every façade where the two separate structures touch. Supervised by O.D.I.N, it can be protected by a forcefield and can provide enough electrical power to sustain the entire city for at least a few days.

First appereance: Beyond The Impossible #127

Known residents