Ordman Vor (Ορδμαν Vορ in Myridian), mostly known as Old Man Vor, is Kari Zel's mentor and the former Minister of War of Myridia under the Demeter regime.


Old Man Vor was a soldier in the Demter Army. He had the rank of Colonel when he was dispatched to Zagmuk to recover the coordinates of the Dragon Tomb. He survived an encounter with a Demon called Torn who spared his life.

Agreeing that Demeter should not have the coordinates, Vor lied about the incident and was promoted to General: the incident proved him that gods weren't all-knowing and did not have mortal interests in mind. He eventually became the Minister of War, focusing his efforts into limiting the damages done by the Demeter regime. When he was too old to keep fighting, he retired to private life.

When he witnessed Demeter Oracles abusing a five year old orfan called Kari Zel, he saved her life. He was her mentor and father figure until the Vanguard arrived on Myridia.


Myridian bodies have been enhanced from baseline human, thanks to genetic engineering. Vor is nearly a hundred years old, so he's no longer able to access the duplication powers granted by the Monolith.