Pain (پىلن in Demonic) is the daughter of Reaper and sister of Torn.


Pain and Torn were trained by their father and by Inanna, with Pain becoming one of the most skilled Blood users in the universe.

They both partecipated in missions to put Gods against one another, with Pain coming to enjoy having to slaughter innocent mortals for the job.

She was later exiled from Hell for unknown reasons and wound up on Gordium, where she was defeated and imprisoned by Enyo.

She was later freed by Viper and joined the search for the Dragon Tomb, at first as an enemy of the Vanguard and then as a reluctant ally against Tiamat.


Pain's powers stem from her alien Demon physiology and her connection to the Blood, an energy field that connects all living creaturs.

Superhuman strenght, durability and reflexes: Pain is far stronger than any human.

Redundant organs and healing factor: Demons are exceptionally hard to kill with conventional means, thanks to redundancies to vital organs and fast healing times

Resistance to mind attacks: Demon minds are different enough from human minds to make telepathic attacks more difficult

Energy constructs: By accessing the Blood, Pain can generate at will solid constructs.

Portal generation: Through her "Stairwell to Hell" tecnique, Pain can cut a portal directly through the Blood. Unlike most Demons, she's able to do this to reach places that don't have a Demon on the surface.

Increased lifespan: Demons age approximately four times more slowly than humans. Pain looks like a woman in her mid-thirties but is much older.

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