Ra (/rɑː/ IPA) is the Egyptian sun god, the oldest of the Nine Gods and ruler of the Karnak Galaxy; he is the leader of the Egyptian pantheon.


Very little is known of Ra. He is one of the oldest non-Primordial gods and has little interest on the daily events of the universe.

He was present when Noriko Null addressed the Assembly of the Nine Gods; while he abstained from taking a position to many issues presented before the Assembly, he surprised everyone by supporting Null's search for the Dragon Tomb.[1]

His interest was short-lived, as he did not attend the following Assembly to discuss the fall of Tiamat. [2]


As one of the Nine Gods, Ra is one of the most powerful gods in the Universe.

Immortality and invulnerability: Ra doesn't have a physical body, existing as pure energy. If he needs to interact with the rest of the universe, he creates an armor of solid light.

Telekinesis: Ra can move objects with his mind.

Infinite energy: Ra has access to an inexhaustible energy source. The full extent of his power is unknown, but he created an entire star using his own energy.

Universal translator: Ra can understand any language instantly.

Teleportation: Ra can teleport across galactic distances, reaching the Large Magellanic Cloud from the Karnak Galaxy despite the millions of light-years of distance.


He has spoken only once in the series, saying one word. Apparently it's been ages since he has said anything.

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