Reaper (رېىپېر in Demonic) was the father of Torn and Pain.


Reaper was the military leader of Hell. A stern soldier and father, he pushed his sons Torn and Pain to become as strong as possible and become loyal to their mission.

Reaper was a rival to Oblivion and opposed the latter's nomination as Lord Of All Demons, but kept himself far from politics and kept his loyalty to the elected monarch.

In order to become stronger and learn the secrets of the Blood, Reaper became one of Inanna's lovers; together they created the weapon he called Soul Reaper.

He died before Torn was exiled from Hell in unknown circumstances.

Ulysses claims to have met Reaper and to have known him well, to Torn's surprise.


Reaper's powers stemmed from his alien Demon physiology and his connection to the Blood, an energy field that connects all living creaturs.

Superhuman strenght, durability and reflexes: Reaper was far stronger than any human.

Redundant organs and healing factor: Demons are exceptionally hard to kill with conventional means, thanks to redundancies to vital organs and fast healing times

Energy constructs: By accessing the Blood, Reaper could generate at will solid constructs.

Increased lifespan: Demons age approximately four times more slowly than humans.

Soul Reaper: Created with Inanna, this energy scythe drastically increases Reaper's powers.

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