Robert Keen is a politician in the United States and a rival of Noriko Null.


Robert Keen was a Senator in the United States Capitol, extremely critical of Noriko Null's rise to power.

After one of her experiments threatened to blow up New York City, he was part of an official investigation when the Capitol was attacked by the Empire Of Shadows. Noriko saved his life, but he remained a very vocal opponent in the media.

SPOILER WARNING: Plot details after Beyond The Impossible #204

After the Guild invasion and the failure of the previous administration to manage several superhuman crises, Keen successfully won the presidential campaign and is the current President of the United States.


Keen is a human with no powers.


  • His first name wasn't revealed until his election
  • He has unnamed wife serving as the First Lady
  • Several details of his election (he did not win the popular vote, his opponent was a woman with close ties to the previous administration, and there was a scandal about her involving emails) mirror the 2016 US Presidential Elections. He's presumably the 45th president in the Beyond The Impossible universe; the previous President was never called by name
  • Keen has accused Noriko to have falsified her birth certificate. While this is a lie, the actual birth certificate is indeed false since it doesn't show Leiko Tanaka as her mother

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