Amanra Anneke, mostly known as the Scarab, was a member of the Inner Circle of the Guild and user of the Drylon device of the same name.


Nothing is known about Amanra before she joined the Guild or found the device giving her powers.

She had a bounty of 10 billion obols (half the price of a planet according to Kari Zel [1]) and was considered the most wanted woman in the Galaxy before Noriko Null came to fame. [2]

A loyal follower of the Scribe, she was a key operative of the Guild during the Guild invasions of Myridia and Earth.

SPOILER WARNING: Plot details after Beyond The Impossible #194

She was killed by Noriko Null when she activated the Heart Of The Universe.


Scarab's powers come from the Drylon device of the same name, which is connected to her body: her uterus has been surgically removed to establish the connection. [3]

Terrakinesis: Scarab has complete control over earth, rock and sand. She can move it telekinetically, change its consistency or animate it in different shapes, including statues the size of a mountain. Perhaps her most impressive feat was levitating the entire island of Manhattan, including billion tons of bedrock, for several hours without demonstrating any mental fatigue.


Mental deterioration: Sustained used of Drylon technology has a debilitating effect on the sanity of the user. Scarab was already showing the same signs Noriko Null had during her Abyss phase

Electromagnetic pulse: Exposure to powerful localized magnetic fields can shut down the Scarab

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