Talas Khanos is a former Oracle and High Geneticist of Demeter, also acting as Oracle of several other gods after her demise.


Talas Khanos was an Oracle of Demeter, performing genetic experiments on the population of her words, especially Myridia. One of his creations was the Many, an artificial humanoid reverse-engineered from the genetic code of the Lampyrians.

When Noriko Null arrived on Myridia, Talas Khanos and the other Oracles tried to prevent an uprising but failed. Taken into custody by the Vanguard, he escaped and helped Elytra Elater in her attempt to conquer Myridia.

As soon as he realized she would lose, Talas Khanos allied himself with Hermes becoming one of his Oracles. He would later try to double cross him by allying himself with Hephaestus, but the Vanguard and Persephone stopped him.

He was recruited into the Alliance and was instrumental into defeating Eris, but he was still kept in prison for his crimes. He was eventually freed by Selene who made him his only Oracle.

His tenure was short-lived: when Elene attacked Argos, Talas Khanos was soundly defeated by Kari Zel.


Gifted intelligence: Talas Khanos is a genius of genetic engineering, impressing even Noriko Null. He's responsible for several breakthroughts including the creation of the Many, his cloning technology, and his research on the Lampyrian genetic structure

Telekinesis: thanks to a crystal called the Godstone embedded into his throat, Talas Khanos was able to telekinetically move objects. He retained some control over this power even after the Godstone was removed

Teleportation: when acting as Oracle of Hermes, he was granted the power to teleport over short distances


  • His planet of origin is unknown, but he's not Myridian
  • It's unknown if Kari actually killed him or if he was only seriously injured

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