Tiamat (/tɪˈɑːmat/ IPA) is the Primordial Goddess of Destruction, progenitor of the Sumarian pantheon, typically taking the form of a planet-sized dragon. One of the most powerful beings in the universe, she was imprisoned a billion years ago in the Dragon Tomb.


Tiamat is one of the Primordial Gods, created by the Drylon over five billion years ago. Together with Apsu, she gave birth to the Sumerian pantheon. When the younger generation of gods rebelled against them, Apsu was killed with a Drylon weapon; in revenge, Tiamat created an army of energy dragons that eventually were used to create Hell.

One billion years ago, Tiamat was imprisoned within the Dragon Tomb by using the Drylon device called the Time Mover.

SPOILER WARNING: Plot details after Beyond The Impossible #215

She was revived in modern times by Viper and Eris, easily defeating a joined attack by Athena, Artemis, Hera, Enyo, Persephone and the Vanguard. Despite her overwhelming power she was defeated by Noriko Null, with the sudden release of her energy creating the Dead Zone.


Reality warping: Tiamat can manipulate matter and energy at a galactic scale, can take any form and size she desires, is completely invulnerable, and can teleport anywhere in the universe instantly. She may even be able to warp the laws of physics


  • Like other Primordials, she was created by the Drylon. It's not known if she considers the other Primodials as her siblings.
  • Demon powers are derived from her leftover energy after her attack on the Sumerian pantheon

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