Todd Slate is the former public relations manager of Null Technologies and romantic interest of Noriko Null.


Todd Slate was a staff assistant at the Department of Justice living in Washington D.C. He was briefly in a relationship with journalist Kristen Lynn.

Noriko Null notices him thanks to his appreciation of her work on social media and offered him a job as her public relations manager. Despite having to risk his life multiple times, Todd slowly became one of her most trusted advisors.

SPOILER WARNING: Plot details after Beyond The Impossible #142-143

When Noriko had to leave Earth to join the Alliance, she left control of Null Technologies to Todd. He was not prepared for the amount of work necessary, missing the funeral of his father for his work. When he decided to leave his job, upset at Noriko for being insensitive about the situation, Noriko confessed to have developed feelings for him.

The two started a relationship that survived several near-death experiences for Noriko, her meeting Kristen, and the Guild invasion. Coming too close to losing her, Todd confessed his love for Noriko.

SPOILER WARNING: Plot details after Beyond The Impossible #195-222

Convinced by the election of President Keen to have failed at his job, Todd left his job for good and followed Noriko in her search for the Dragon Tomb to rekindle their relationship. This proved disastrous, as Noriko had to pretend to break his heart in order to defeat Tiamat and admitted that she did not love him. The two decided to end their relationship.

Later, Todd attended the marriage of Kari Zel on Myridia and revealed his intention to run for Senator of New York.


Todd is a human with no powers.


  • There is no physical description of him in any issue. Look it up.
  • His qualifications include a bachelor’s degree in mass communications with minor in political science and a masters degree in public affairs

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